Driving Courses

Driving Courses

Tell impatient instructors to hit the road

It can be daunting enough when you sit behind the wheel for the very first time. The last thing you need is a driving instructor who makes you more nervous. For this reason we only hire patient male and female driving instructors who work with you at a pace you are comfortable with.
Before you know it you’ll be able to drive with your hands behind your back (hypothetically, of course)!

Take the fastest route

Short on time? Low on cash?
The best thing about intensive driving lessons is that you don’t have time to forget what you’ve learnt between lessons and you spend less time recapping.
This means you will need fewer lessons and end up spending less time and money learning to drive. Call today to find out more about the intense driving courses available to you.

We put you on the right track

  Hazard perception training
  Computerized hazard perception practice
  Computerized theory practice
  Practical test preparation and practice tests
  Mock driving tests
  Motorway tuition

Exclusive Lessons for Beginners

For individuals who are a newbie in the driving field, SLM is offering the exclusively tailored cheap driving lessons in London. As instructors at SLM are well versed and assisting trainees to pass the test at first attempt.
A professional team is there for helping you in different locations to train for excellent driving experience, our staff is proficient enough to provide you with the driving tuitions with expert automatic driving lessons in Manor Park.
For individuals who feel worried about driving tuition charges, we are offering cheap driving lessons in Stratford. We made easy procedures for new learners, teaching beginners with noncomplex, instant steps. You can also avail our instant driving lessons in Chingford.
If you are looking for simple driving lessons then SLM is offering easy driving lessons in London. We are ‘’highly recommended’’ driving trainers and our instructors carefully guide individuals while learning the process of driving, we are granting most affordable driving lessons in Leyton.

Intensive Driving Lesson in Good Mayes

We are experienced, we better know about a learner’s requirement and that’s why we are providing most affordable and intensive driving lessons in Good Mayes and other locations as well.

In-Depth Courses for Trainees

If you are willing to learn to drive easily and instantly, then you can seek help from our cheap driving academy in London. We are proving in-depth courses for the beginners to provide them clear concepts about driving. Since 1976 we are providing non-complex, intensive courses to our trainees, helping them at different locations. We are operating as a specialized driving academy in Stratford.

Best Driving Academy in Leyton

We are running the best driving academy in Leyton, our professionals train you up to 2-3 weeks and provided you with a number of courses that are required. At the end of course, a test will be conducted to assure your ability of driving. If you are looking for a professional driving academy in Good Mayes, then SLM is here to help you out for your driving assistance. We are dealing in multiple locations and our team carefully guide individuals who are in learning phase, we are offering expert automatic driving academy at Chingford. You can avail SLM specialized courses for driving with the most reliable driving academy in Manor Park.

Pass Plus Scheme

This scheme has been developed by the Driving Standards Agency for candidates that have successfully passed their driving test.
You can enroll on our pass plus scheme, which will enable you to save money on your car insurance. A recent saving by one of our candidates was £510, and in some cases it can be more.
We will provide all candidates with a list of insurance companies participating in this scheme.
The pass plus scheme consists of a specific syllabus; six lessons covering night driving, motorways, dual carriageways, all weather driving and town driving. There is no test at the end.
Upon completing the course, your instructor will sign off your training form and send it to the DSA, who will then send you a Pass Plus certificate.
Remember: The saving that you make on your car insurance could easily outweigh the cost of the course!

Refresher Lesson

We offer refresher courses for candidates who have passed their driving test but require some further tuition and building up confidence – For example; In-Town Driving, Parking & Reverse Parking and Motorway driving.
Most candidates who have passed their driving test may find that they have had a break in their driving before they have managed to purchase a vehicle.
Refresher lessons are a good way of regaining your confidence

Test Booster Courses

(15 hours of driving lessons, the driving test fee and the LD system DVD/Workbook)
We will usually book your driving test to tie in with the last hour of the course (provided you have passed the theory test)
The Test Booster Course is ideal for learners who are near test standard and just need a short burst of lessons prior to the test. It is also great for those who have taken a test before or have come up to test standard in the past but have not had any lessons recently.
The in-car training provided is 15 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test).