Our testimonials

our testimonials

First Time Pass

It was an amazing experience to learn with Irfan Seth. He is a really good instructor. Feeling so lucky to have an experienced and friendly instructor like him. I’ve learned a lot from him.

First Time Pass

Irfan Seth is the best instructor! Very professional, patient, always prepared before the lesson and will never deliberately books more lessons than you actually need. You can be confident that he will not rip you off. You can how good of a teacher he is from lesson no 1. My best recommendation!

Pass With Zero Fault

The driving instructor was very kind and helpful and after a week told me that I should take the test, the quality of the service was excellent. I have never had any better service before everything was perfect. Resulting in that I passed the test all thanks to SLM. THANK YOU SO MUCH

First Time Pass

My instructor was Irfan Seth. Very polite and patient, I would say the best instructor you could ever ask for. Has good knowledge and experience in driving and teaching. Passed my test very quick and first time. I definitely recommend him; you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, very happy with the service!